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17:00 loft COM.NATA / 136 Obvodnogo Kanala Embankment

Zalina Marshenkulova is a famous journalist, feminist, and author of «Women’s power» Telegram channel. She will tell Queerfest guests why fighting gender stereotypes it’s not exactly funny or trendy.

Her lecture «Had it so good until the feminists came» is dedicated to stereotypes and misconceptions around modern Russian feminism. «I will explain why being a feminist in today’s Russia is like nailing genitalia to the paving stones», Zalina promises.

She will explain why statement «you can do feminism» is a misconception, why Russian business world doesn’t want to be involved with feminists, and where does perception of «ugly and lonely» feminists come from.

Zalina Marshenkulova writes for, TJ, The,, and other online media. Her Telegram channel «Women’s power» has around 30 thousand subscribers. In January 2019 Zalina became known for organizing the #nivkakieramki publicity campaign.

«Today people often text me: „Die, ugly“. Those are the same guys who used to tell me how beautiful I was and how much they wanted me. They sent me hearts and asked me out. Because I was right where I belonged. A decoration, pleasing to the eye. And now look at her — she went beyond the established social framework, let’s denigrate her», — Zalina says describing current position of feminists.