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23:00 / Opera concert club / 181 Obvodnogo Kanala Embankment

European duet of electronic music DIGITAL 21 + STEFAN OLSDAL will perform on the collab party of QUEERFEST and INFINITY. Stefan Olsdal is well-known to many as guitarist and co-founder of the legendary British band Placebo.

Not only he is famous for being one of the best guitar players in the UK, but he is also known for being a real icon. As an openly gay man, he has many times attracted attention to the problems of LGBT-society with his actions.

Thus, in 2014 during the concert in Yekaterinburg, he has played a few songs with the LGBT rainbow-colored guitar. In 2007 during Placebo concert in Lithuania Stefan has appeared on stage with the inscription HOMO on his chest and kissed the band’s vocalist Brian Molko, who is openly bisexual. This way he showed his attitude towards the homophobic speeches.

During the closing of the QUEERFEST Stefan Olsdal and a veteran of electronic music Miguel Lopez Mora will perform something completely different from Placebo music. It is a synthesis of electronic (club music) sounds and classical instruments.

Music critics:

XLR8R (U.K.) «A sprawling hybrid of club-based sounds and organic instrumentation." / «stunning interpretation of Moderat’s «Rusty Nails.»

RADIO 3: «One of the best albums of the year» (Radio3 / Spanish National Radio)

Radio X (U.K.) «Debut of the year so far»

TVE/LA2: «Organic Electronics that grow live, a clash between strings and synthesizers, a sensory journey»

DIGITAL 21 + STEFAN OLSDAL successfully performed on stages of Madrid, Lisbon, London, Moscow, or Berlin. Don't miss it.