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The world is like a kaleidoscope. We all see it differently, depending on how society around us or a family that raised us is accustomed to perceive reality, or due to situations experienced first-hand. Our experience is unique to each of us, and it can be fully comprehended by us only.

When in February 2019 we gathered to choose a theme for 11-th QueerFest, we quickly realized that we wanted the festival to be dedicated to variability. We want to discuss how can we see something more than what society and education conditioned us to, and what are the ways to build our lives differently.

We propose to abandon stereotypes. And stereotypes about stereotypes. Are you in?

What does this mean for the festival's program?

Whatever topic we touch on — we'll try to alter your (and our) familiar perception. It means moving tovards discussing complicated issues such as normality of solitude, invisibility of kids in LGBT+ families, abuse (violence and stalking) in LGBT+ couples, non-binary transition, «proper» activism, stereotypes in gay culture — and generally, that there are other ways.